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Febo, moon of Saturn. Solar System Details

Febo, moon of Saturn. Solar System Details

Was Febo, Saturn's satellite, ever a comet? Images of the robotic Cassini interplanetary probe taken in June 2004, when it entered Saturn's neighborhood, indicate that Febo may have originated in the outer Solar System.

The irregular shape of Febo (or Febe), its retrograde orbit, an unusually dark surface, an assortment of large and small craters and a low average density seem consistent with the hypothesis that Febo was once part of the Kuiper belt of frozen comets, beyond Neptune, before being captured by Saturn.

In the mosaic of the image, craters, stripes and stratified deposits of light and dark materials can be seen in Febe. The photographs were taken about 10,000 kilometers of this moon, 200 kilometers in diameter.

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