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Gula Mons Volcano. Solar System Details

Gula Mons Volcano. Solar System Details

Volcanoes and volcanic phenomena are very abundant on Venus. At least 85 percent of the planet's surface is covered by volcanic rock. There are also large lava rivers that extend over hundreds of kilometers, one with almost 7,000 kilometers in length. These rivers have covered the lowlands creating vast plains.

More than 100,000 small volcanic shields and hundreds of large volcanoes have been discovered on Venus. One of the most striking volcanoes is called Gula Mons, which has a height of three kilometers. In the image we can see a reproduction of him in 3D by NASA. You can see a plain fractured by lava flows, which extend over hundreds of kilometers.

This three-dimensional image of the planet Venus has been achieved thanks to the radar data sent by the Magellan spacecraft. These data have been combined with those provided by the altimeter, generating a three-dimensional image of the surface by computer.

The crosshairs are located 110 kilometers southwest of Gula Mons, at the same height as the summit, above Eistla Regio, a volcanic region of Venus. The lava flows extend over hundreds of kilometers across the fractured plains. The colors are simulated, and the digital elevation map has been developed by the United States Geological Survey.

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