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Marineris valleys. Mars Photos

Marineris valleys. Mars Photos

The European Mars Express satellite sent detailed color images of the red planet. The first of an entire fleet to arrive on Mars, the Mars Express will photograph the entire Martian surface with a resolution of 10 meters or more. With these data, it elaborates a map of the mineral composition, with a resolution of 100 meters, and investigates the planetary circulation of the atmosphere.

This 3D perspective is the first image sent by the satellite. It is an amazing digital reconstruction of a part of the Marineris Valley, a canyon nicknamed The Great Martian Canyon. In reality, Valles Marineris is four times larger and five times deeper than its Arizona counterpart.

This image shows a part of the Marineris Valleys, approximately 65 kilometers wide, in which many mountains and valleys are distinguished. The Mars Express is scheduled to send images for at least during the Martian year.

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