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Martian spherules. Mars Photos

Martian spherules. Mars Photos

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According to the Martian chronicles of Opportunity, thousands of striking gray spherules, made of iron and other minerals, dubbed blueberries, were found in and on the rocks surrounding the robot's hammering site, on the planet Mars.

In the investigation of its probable origin, Oportunidad found a surface, known as Canastilla (Berry Bowl), a depression of the land abundant in Martian spheres. In the picture you can see, with unbeatable clarity, the Blueberry Basket, taken by Opportunity in the forty-eighth sun of the arrival of this robot to Mars.

The average diameter of each cranberry is four millimeters. When analyzing the circular spot seen in the rock, to the left of a compact group of spherules, Opportunity discovered that the composition of the underlying rock is very different from that of blueberries, rich in hematite. This information contributes more and more to the consensus that these strange, small and gray spheres slowly deposited on the Martian soil, from a dirty water bath.

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