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Rock on Mars Mars Photos

Rock on Mars Mars Photos

In January 2014, the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity vehicle discovered a strange rock on the surface of Mars. After 10 years touring the red planet, the Rover found this object in an area where previously there was nothing. The discovery caused a stir, even among members of NASA.

The scientist Steve Squires, scientific director of the mission of the rover Opportunity and Spirit on Mars, was the first to express his surprise. Only 12 days before Opportunity had traced this area, and no rock appeared in the images. It was baptized with the name of "Pinnacle Island", and the mission scientists focused on finding out how this little rock could have gotten there.

After numerous studies, two hypotheses were stated. First, that the rock could have been thrown there after the impact of a meteorite. The second hypothesis shuffles the possibility that it was a piece of rock uprooted by the rover, which dragged it into its new situation. The latter is considered the most likely.

The first analysis of the rock "Pinnacle Island" indicated that it was rich in sulfur and potassium, and that it had bright white edges and a deep red center. It was upside down, since the part that was visible had not been affected by the Martian atmosphere for millions of years. NASA announced that it had plans to drill the rock, which will provide them with new data on Mars.

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