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Midnight Sun. The solar system with the naked eye

Midnight Sun. The solar system with the naked eye

In the photograph, a group of visitors contemplate the Midnight Sun in North Cape, Norway, the northernmost place on the continent.

Our Solar System not only offers wonders in the night sky. He also gives us shows like this. The Midnight Sun repeats every summer solstice, towards June 21. The Sun goes down to the horizon and begins the ascent again, without getting to set.

The inclination of the Earth on its axis, together with the translation around the Sun, causes this phenomenon. In the equator line, day and night have a similar duration throughout the year. As we move away, there are more daylight hours during the summer and less during the winter. The closer we are to the Poles, the greater the difference.

From 23.5 degrees away from each pole, the Sun does not set during the 6 summer months nor does it rise during the 6 winter months. It is what forms the Arctic and Antarctic Polar Circles.

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