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Titan (Saturn). Solar System Satellites

Titan (Saturn). Solar System Satellites

Titan is the second largest satellite in the Solar System and the largest on the planet Saturn, the giant of the famous rings. It is the only one that has a great atmosphere, composed mainly of hydrogen and a small percentage of more complex elements. The satellite is composed of equal parts of ice and rock, which are mixed throughout the interior.

Titan would be the dream of oil producers. On its surface, in the form of lakes, more hydrocarbons are found than all the Earth's oil and natural gas reserves together. Another of the curiosities of this satellite are its spectacular storms in which it rains liquid methane. This means that it is the only place in the Solar System, in addition to the Earth, where it rains.

Almost all scientists agree that its surface is geologically active, as there are important indications of volcanoes and tectonic activity. Huge craters produced by the impact of large asteroids have also been discovered.

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