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Proteus (Neptune). Solar System Satellites

Proteus (Neptune). Solar System Satellites

Proteus is a moon of Neptune, the second largest after Triton. It is possibly the darkest body of the Solar System, as it reflects less than ten percent of the light it receives from the Sun. That is why it could only be discovered thanks to the Voyager II space probe, in 1989.

Proteo is the largest satellite discovered by the Voyager II probe, with more than 400 kilometers in diameter. We barely know anything about this satellite. Its structure is very porous, low density, and has no evidence of geological activity.

In Proteo there is an extraordinarily large crater and, according to scientists, the impact of a body of that magnitude should have pulverized the satellite. Since this is not the case, two theories have been developed that attempt to explain this mystery. One is that Proteo's extremely porous structure saved him from destruction. The other that the satellite was before the impact much larger, being what we see the remains after the explosion.

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