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Charon (Pluto). Solar System Satellites

Charon (Pluto). Solar System Satellites

Charon may be one of the stars of the entire Solar System that creates more controversy in the scientific community. To begin with, it does not revolve around a planet, since Pluto is no longer considered as such since 2006. But, although it was, rather than revolving around it, it seems that both Charon and Pluto form a gravitational system of two dwarf planets that They share the same center of gravity.

Scientists believe it is very possible that Charon, like the Moon and Earth, collided billions of years ago, at the beginning of the Solar System, to form a binary system of two dwarf planets. This theory is reinforced by the fact that Charon is extremely close to Pluto, only 20,000 kilometers, that is, twenty times closer than Earth's Moon.

Charon is composed mostly of ice and, to a lesser extent, rock. It has no atmosphere, although it is probably geologically active. In their strange orbital relationship with Pluto, they always show the same face to each other.

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