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Iapetus (Saturn). Solar System Satellites

Iapetus (Saturn). Solar System Satellites

Iapetus or Iapetus is the third largest moon of Saturn, and one of the most interesting and mysterious celestial bodies of the Solar System. It has a very low density, so it will consist mainly of ice and a small percentage of rock. The surface has two halves of different composition and appearance, so that one hemisphere is much darker than the other.

On that dark side of Iapetus there is a gigantic mountain range that runs along the equator, and in which there are mountains up to twenty thousand meters high. On the other hand, along the length and width of its surface there are huge craters, hundreds of kilometers in diameter and at whose edges slopes of up to 15 km in height are formed.

On the other hand, Iapetus has an orbit with an inclination of fifteen percent, so if we were on its surface, we could contemplate the rings of Saturn in all its splendor. One last curiosity: in the novel "2001, a space odyssey," the monolith that awaits Dave Bowman is on this moon.

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