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Nereid (Neptune). Solar System Satellites

Nereid (Neptune). Solar System Satellites

Nereida is a mysterious satellite of Neptune, the last of the planets of the Solar System. Little is known about its composition and shape, although it seems very irregular. It is just over three hundred kilometers in diameter.

The great mystery of Nereida is its orbit, one of the most eccentric of the Solar System. The average distance to which Neptune orbits is about five million kilometers. However, it approaches a little over a million when it is close, and goes beyond nine million kilometers when it moves away. Let's say that the closest thing to this orbit is the principle of a roller coaster.

Scientists don't know what this strange orbit is due to. It may be due to a disturbance with Triton, another moon of Neptune, when Nereid was captured. Or maybe it was formed from Neptune himself, from one of his leftover albums.

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