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Stromboli volcano. Planet Earth

Stromboli volcano. Planet Earth

This photograph shows the erupting Stromboli volcano, launching a true incandescent lava waterfall.

Strombolian eruptions are characterized by an intermittent explosion of basaltic lavas in the form of a source, leaving a single crater. Each episode is caused by the accumulation of volcanic gases and they occur rhythmically sometimes and irregularly at other times. Lava fragments consist of volcanic bombs that are rounded when they are thrown flying through the air.

Stromboli is a volcanic island located in southern Italy, one of the Aeolian Islands, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, northwest of Messina (Sicily). It has an area of ​​13 km2. The island owes its name to the active volcano that formed it and has some small towns that are very sparsely populated. The crater of the Stromboli volcano rises 926 meters above sea level.

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