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Crack in the Moon The moon satellite

Crack in the Moon The moon satellite

The cracks or crevices in the Moon, first discovered over 200 years ago with a small telescope, appear throughout the Moon. For now three types of rhymes are known: sinuous, with many meandering, arched curves that form wide arches, and straight, like the Ariadaeus rhyme shown in this photo. Lunar cracks are called "rhymes."

Long cracks similar to the Ariadaeus Rhyme extend hundreds of kilometers. It is believed that sinuous rhymes are remnants of ancient lava flows, but the origin of arches and linear ones, which is a matter of research, is still unknown.

This linear crack was photographed by the Apollo 10 crew in 1969, during its historic approach only 14 kilometers from the lunar surface. Two months later, Apollo 11, which incorporated much of the experience gained with Apollo 10, landed on the Moon.

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