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Iguazu Falls. Earth Details

Iguazu Falls. Earth Details

The spectacular Iguazu Falls are located on the border between Argentina and Brazil. The Iguazu River, through a large horseshoe-shaped arch 4 km long and about 70 m high, rushes into the Devil's Throat, a canyon that then continues for 20 km to the mouth of the Paraná.

The height ranges between 60 and 80 meters. During the dry season the river forks into two half-moon-shaped waterfalls, but in the wet season the water joins into a single waterfall more than 4 km wide.

Among the tourist attractions that the province of Misiones has, this place stands out, converted into a national park in 1934. The waterfall is shared with the Brazilian state of Paraná, which controls the northern part of this spectacular phenomenon of nature.

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