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Skocjan grottoes. Earth Details

Skocjan grottoes. Earth Details

If it is beautiful to see a large canyon on the earth's surface, it is most spectacular to see it underground. This is the case of Skocjan Grottoes, which are located in the Kras region, in southwest Slovenia. For thousands of years the Reka River has been eroding this natural space underground, to form a large underground canyon.

The Grottos of Skocjan have about five kilometers of peculiar underground passages, which include caves with more than 20 meters deep and several waterfalls. In fact, the wetlands that you own these caves made them worthy of being recognized as a Biosphere Reserve. To make matters worse, this distinction, in 1986, UNESCO included them in the list of World Heritage Sites.

The dimensions of the Skocjan Grottoes are far from those of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. But the fact of being underground confers them great interest. There are sections of the really spectacular caves, such as the Martelova Chamber, which reaches up to 120 meters wide and a height of 146 meters.

Inside the Skocjan Grottoes an ecosystem has developed in which unique species, adapted to darkness, have evolved. This is the case of Proteus anguinus, one of the rarest beings of European fauna, and which was formerly associated with the breeding of a dragon.

On the Skocjan Grottoes is the small town that bears the same name. All its surroundings are full of formations of karst origin, such as dolinas, subsidence or ravines.

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