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Lake Life Earth Details

Lake Life Earth Details

On the banks of the world, under 19 meters of ice and gravel, there is a lake that can contain an ecosystem completely isolated from surface life. In a modern version of the classic of the universal literature, Lost World, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, NASA finances a group of scientists who are planning a mission to drill on the surface that covers the lake and obtain a water sample for Your analysis

Lake Vida, buried under the ice of Antarctica for more than 2,500 years, is formed by water in a liquid state due to its high salinity, which results from the slow but continuous formation of ice at the expense of the underlying liquid water.

Researchers have already drilled a few meters, without reaching the liquid body of the lake, and have found frozen microbes. Its existence reinforces the hypothesis that similar microorganisms can be found in the frozen brine below the Martian surface.

If living organisms are discovered in Lake Vida, they could be an indication of current life under similar ice sheets, such as those of Lake Vostok, parts of Mars, and even some moons of Jupiter, such as Europe. The photograph shows a robotic weather station monitoring surface conditions, above the lake sealed with ice.

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