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Dust storm. Earth's atmosphere

Dust storm. Earth's atmosphere

NASA's SeaWIFS satellite records the color of the oceans from its orbit, following the changes in the climate and biosphere of our aquatic world. But even an ocean planet can have dust storms. From its advantageous position in space, other satellites have also captured images that have revealed storms that carry massive amounts of sand and dust across Earth's oceans.

On February 26, 2000, the WIFS satellite sent this dramatic approach to an extensive cloud of dust formed over the Sahara desert, blowing in northwestern Africa, over the Canary Islands and the Atlantic Ocean.

Although there are indications that the global effects of the Sahara dust storms include the deterioration of coral reef ecologies in the Caribbean and the increased frequency of hurricanes in the Atlantic, there is also evidence that dust carries nutrients to the rainforests of the Amazon.

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