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Rainbow. Earth's atmosphere

Rainbow. Earth's atmosphere

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The rainbow is caused by drops of water in the air. It is usually seen in the sky in the opposite direction of the Sun, near areas with rain or water sprayed in the waterfalls, which decomposes white light in its colors.

In the brightest arc, the primary, which is often the only visible, the colors have red on its outer side. On this perfect arc there is another secondary where the colors are in reverse order. This arc is more muted because it occurs after a double reflection inside the drops.

When a ray of the Sun passes through a drop of water, it deflects (refracts) and is reflected inside so that a spectrum of colors appears. However, they can only be seen when the angle of reflection between the Sun, the drop of water and the line of sight of the observer is between 40 ° and 42 °.

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