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Strata Banks Earth's atmosphere

Strata Banks Earth's atmosphere

The clouds always offer us beautiful and changing landscapes in the sky of the Earth. A good example of these peculiar celestial still lifes are the strata, those banks of flattened clouds that usually bring rain. The strata are formed at low altitude, almost always below two kilometers.

Stratus clouds are composed of a color palette that offers a wide range of whites and grays. The result is photos as spectacular as this one, taken in lands of Colorado, in the United States.

The formation of the strata can occur due to mists that end up ascending or because of cold air masses that move at low altitude. In any case, the strata give a gray and sad look to the cities, while creating a bucolic setting in nature.

It is during autumn and winter when strata can remain persistent in the sky. In spring and early summer they may appear at dawn, then disperse throughout the day. This is always an indication of good weather.

Although the strata form a fairly uniform mass that usually covers the entire sky, sometimes the Sun manages to shine through the clouds. It is in those moments when you can contemplate and capture some great images, since the outline of the strata is clearly outlined.

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