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Richat structure. Spectacular land

Richat structure. Spectacular land

The Richat Structure, in the Sahara Desert in Mauritania, is easily visible from space because it measures about 50 kilometers. At first it was believed that it was an impact crater, but the flat and rocky Richat Structure, which makes this theory doubtful.

The possibility that the Richat Structure was formed by a volcanic eruption also seems unlikely because an igneous center or volcanic rocks would be missing. Even so the sedimentary rocks in layers of the Richat Structure appear to be caused by many of the rock sculpted by erosion.

Today it is known that the rocks in its center, which are more than 540 million years old, are much older than those found in the outermost circles, about 65 million years old, so it is believed that some unknown type Underground geological activity, and erosion, are responsible for this strange formation.

This image was taken by the Lansat7 probe. Why the Richat Structure is almost a perfect circle, remains a mystery to the scientific community.

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