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Mount Everest. Earth from Space

Mount Everest. Earth from Space

This is a radar image of Mount Everest and its surroundings, along the border between Nepal and Tibet. The top of Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth with 8,848 meters, can be seen near the center of each image.

The photograph includes an approximate area of ​​70 by 38 kilometers that is centered at 28 degrees north latitude and 86.9 degrees east longitude. The north is up to the left. Many aspects of the Himalayan terrain are visible in this image.

Snow-covered areas appear in bright blue in the photo, which was taken in early spring and shows a deep layer of snow. The sinuous marks with branches that can be seen are glaciers.

The radar is sensitive to surface characteristics of glaciers that are not visible in conventional photographs, such as ice roughness, water content and stratification. For this reason, glaciers show a variety of colors (blue, purple, red, yellow, white) but only appear in white or gray in optical photography.

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