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Eye of Typhoon Yuri. Earth from Space

Eye of Typhoon Yuri. Earth from Space

This spectacular, low-oblique photograph shows the eye (center of the photograph) in the form of a bowl of typhoon Yuri in the Western Pacific Ocean just west of the Northern Mariana Islands. The wall of the eye descends almost to the surface of the sea, at a distance close to 13,800 meters.

In this case the eye is filled with clouds, but in many cases you can see the surface of the sea through the eye. Yuri grew to the state of super typhoon, with sustained winds that reached an estimated speed of 270 kilometers per hour, with gusts of 320 kilometers per hour.

The storm moved westward in the direction of the Philippine Islands before turning northeastward northward of the Pacific Ocean, thus avoiding any significant landmass.

This phenomenon is called "Cyclone", but receives different names depending on where it occurs. Thus, in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico it is called a hurricane, in the western Pacific they are called typhoons, in the Philippines they are called baguios and in Australia, willy-willies.

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