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Land of Fire. Spectacular land

Land of Fire. Spectacular land

Tierra del Fuego is an archipelago of South America located between the Atlantic, Pacific and Antarctic oceans. Its name comes from the conquerors who came to these lands, among other Magellan. They all watched terrified from their ships that large fires were seen on the ground. Actually, it was the fires that the Indians lit to warm up. When they disembarked they discovered that they lived naked, but smeared with seal grease to combat moisture and cold.

And, despite its name, Tierra del Fuego is an area of ​​low temperatures. The archipelago has a main island, the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego, along with a large number of large and small islands, which give rise to a complicated network of canals. Most belong to Chile, with the exception of the eastern part of Isla Grande and the island of the States, which belong to Argentina.

A large part of Tierra del Fuego is made up of large mountains of eternal snow. It can be seen in the image, which was taken from space by NASA. One of the most visited places is Ushuaia, considered the closest city to the South Pole, although it is almost 4,000 kilometers away.

Tierra del Fuego is full of places worth visiting and photographing. Among others, the Darwin Mountain Range, Fagnano Lake, Deseado Lake, Puerto Williams, Cape Horn, Ambarino Island, Torres del Paine Natural Park, Punta Arenas, Punta Natales or Puerto Eden, among many other natural sites.

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