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Cinderella light. Earth's sky

Cinderella light. Earth's sky

Known as the Cinderella Light or the Crescent Moon in the arms of the New, it is the light that the Earth reflects towards the Moon, and that slightly illuminates its dark part. It is a spectacular phenomenon that is observed when the moon phase is still very young, shortly after the new Moon. The part of the Moon not illuminated by the Sun appears as an ashy gray color, hence the name of ashy light or ashen light.

This photograph of Cinderella Light on a young crescent moon was taken by APOD astrophotographer and translator Laurent Laveder from the remote Pic duMidi Observatory in France. But photography from the Moon would also have been this way. When the Moon appears in the sky of the earth in increasing phase, a bright and almost full phase Earth, it could be seen from the lunar surface.

The intensity of this light is different depending on the terrestrial regions that face the Moon. The greatest intensity occurs in the waning phase, when the Moon appears before dawn and its dark part returns the reflected light of a large land mass: Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. In the phase of the crescent moon the phenomenon is less noticeable, since the light that reflects the Earth comes from the oceans.

All this reflectivity of the Earth is mainly due to the cloud cover that covers it and recent studies of this terrestrial brightness indicate that it is more pronounced in April and May. A description of this brightness in terms of light that is reflected from the Moon, was written 500 years ago by Leonardo da Vinci.

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